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  • When can I start selling?
    You can start selling immediately after your Vumego dropshipping store is set up. Once you receive the necessary details and login credentials, all the tools and features will be in place for you to begin showcasing and selling products to your customers. No need to wait – your dropshipping journey starts right away!
  • How will I receive my store?
    Your Vumego dropshipping store will be delivered to you by mail within 3 days. Once you've completed the onboarding process and selected your store preferences, we'll work swiftly to set up your online store and provide you with the necessary login credentials and details. Look out for an email containing all the information you need to start your dropshipping journey with Vumego. If you have any concerns or do not receive the information within the specified timeframe, please reach out to our customer support for assistance.
  • How long will it take before i get my store?
    You can expect to receive your Vumego dropshipping store by mail within an expedited timeframe of just 3 days. Once you've completed the onboarding process, we'll swiftly set up your online store and dispatch the necessary details to you. Look forward to kickstarting your dropshipping venture promptly!
  • Do the stores come with a product link?
    Yes, each Vumego dropshipping store comes equipped with a unique product link for every listed item. This link allows you to easily showcase and share products from your store across various platforms. It's a convenient way to direct potential customers to specific products, enhancing the accessibility and visibility of your offerings.
  • Can i sell my store?
    Yes, you have the flexibility to sell your Vumego dropshipping store. If you decide to part ways or wish to transfer ownership, simply contact our support team. We'll guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition for both you and the new owner. Your success matters to us, and we're here to assist with any changes you may need.
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